Organized by Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) and her Partners

What is Nepal Festival?

Nepalfestival-2013 will showcase heritage, culture, value, tradition, sports, food, history, geography and much more of Nepal.

Where is it?

Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia

When is it?

Sunday, March 3, 2013.

Thank you for your role in Nepal Festival!

Dear All,


Nepal Festival 2013 held this past Sunday at the world renowned centennial olympic park has been highly successful with spectacular show of Nepali heritage, tradition, culture, sports, ethnicity, ethnic food and much more via parade, booths and cultural program and with thousands of people participating from different corners of the United States. My fellow organizing committee members join me in thanking each one of you who has played a role for the success of the festival – those who attended and participated the festival, those who contributed with resources, time and funds, those who provided advise, inputs and support and those who worked tirelessly for countless days and nigthts.


The photographs of the festival are beginning to be posted at several places and sites. Do check the sites periodically including NASeA facebook


Thanks to different Nepali and Bhutani organizations including Nepalese Association of  Georgia (NAG), Triad Nepal Community Center (TNCC) that partnered with Nepalease Association in Southeast America (NASeA) to provide the synergy, program and support for the Nepal Festival. Thanks to all the distinguished guests who came from different corners of United States to participate in the festival including  from Washington DC His Excellency Shankar Pd Sharma, from Maryland Honorary Consul General Prem Raja Mahat, Gobinda Giri Prerana, Lakhe dancer Yagya Man Shakya, Kumari dancer Lochani Tara Shakya, from Seattle AC Sherpa and Karma Sherpa, from New York Surya Thapa, Shyam Shrestha, popular comedian Pawan Kali and renowned singer Nalina Chitrakar. Thanks also to NASeA executive members and general members who flew or drove from Florida, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina including Bimal Nepal, Madhav Mainali and family, Dr. Ram C Baral and family, Narayan Khadka, Krishna Bilash Pokhrel and family, Basanta Khadka, Dr, Lila Bdr. Karki, Krisha Shrestha, Bikash Devkota and family, Mr. and Mrs. Om Pradhan, Dhana Thapa, Satish Gupta and family, Manish Das, Manish Shakya, Bimal Karki, Subodh Gautam and family and many other who are not listed here.


Thanks to the sponsors and donors who provided indispensible funds to meet the expenses for the festival
(I announced the names of the sponsors from the stage during Nepal Festival and I must admit that I missed recognizing the first sponsor and an active advisor of Nepal Festival, Mr. CK Parajuli. I aknowledge his unique contributions in the festival. Also, another person who was missed being announced at the festival is Shailesh Kasaju. His unique support in sound system and logistics cannot be overemphasized.)


Thanks to all the performers and choreographers of the cultural program, parade as well as the master and mistresses of the ceremony who are listed here


Thanks to Atlanta Nepali School and the choreographers of children and adult dance and fashion show performances — Sushma Bajracharya, Rapana Shrestha, Sangita Dongol  and other — for their dedication to make their students as perfect as possible.


Thanks to those who prepared delicous food  — Satish Gupta and family, Bacchan KC and Family, Rajib Acharya and Chandika Ghimire, Astha Ghimire and family including her parents Namita and Chet Ghimire.


Thanks to White Himal TV, the official media partner of Nepal Festival who will soon be sharing the coverage of the festival. Thanks also to Dhana Thapa from Orlando who will be posting the official photos of the festival at his site soon.


Raffle Ticket: The raffle draw scheduled at the festival has been postponed due to some unavoidable reasons inclding technical and the organizers apologizes for this. We will soon announce the detail with dates and venue where and when the draw wiill be held.


Once again, on behalf of festival organizing committee listed below, I thank you all very much!!


Sanjeeb Sapkota, 678-557-8389
Tara Pun, 404-805-4243
Bimal Nepal, 561-704-5579
Saunak Ranjitkar, 404-409-9858
Srijana Sharma, 770-856-4757
Bijendra Gurung, 678-499-3489
Gobinda Shrestha 404-313-0337
Mohan Kandel, 206-518-7569
Madhav Mainali, 256-653-2205
Astha Ghimire 404-512-2611
Susanna Baral, 404-229-8629
Pranaya Lama, 404-645-2129
Kumar KC, 347-531-6431
Dipendra Thapa, 678-428-7876
Ram Dongol, 404-310-6808
Rabin Khatri, 404-630-9752
Bhabindra Basnet, 404-324-3473
Sangita Dongol, 404-502-3866
Mohan Timilsina, 678-477-3512
Raja Ghale, 404-447-8272
CK Parajuli, 678-381-7751
Pranaya Rana, 404-889–5673
Sanjeev Rana, 404-824-1336
and more
See the complete list of Committee members at




Sanjeeb Sapkota
Nepalese Association in Southeast America
NASeA ANMA Convention www.

Nepal Festival Program Summary

10.30 AM       Opening Ceremony and Inauguration details
11.00 AM       Parade: people in ethnic costumes details
12.00 PM       Booths displaying Nepali heritage, tradition including
 Nepali food for sale details
02.00 PM       Cultural Program at the Park’s Amphitheater details
08.00 PM       Recognition of festival volunteers/sponsors +
                      Dinner & Interaction with Guinness Record Aspirant Rabi Lamichane details

Nepal Festival Just Days Away

Dear All,

Please do not miss out the unique Nepal Festival which is just days away from us. Please gather at the Amphitheater of Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta on Sunday March 03 as that’s where the festival going to begin. Please plan to arrive early around 10.00 AM Eastern Time and be seated in the Amphitheater of the park by 10.30 AM for the opening ceremony which will be immediately followed by the Parade.
The weather on Sunday is partly cloudy with a high of 43 F, so please be prepared for a little bit of chilly weather, speacilly in the morning. Wear your warm clothes together with your Nepali attire.

But chilly or not, I am sure it is not going to affect us the brave people of Nepali origin who are determined to make this event highly successful, well attended event!

Friends traveling from Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, New York, Seattle, North Carolina, South Carolina and beyond, please arrive the day before (March 02) or leave really early in the morning to arrive in Centennial Olympic Park by 10.00 AM.

Summary of Nepal Festival Program:
10.30 AM Ribbon Cutting Ceremony/ Inauguration
11.00 AM Parade of people wearing ethnic costume and carrying traditional items
12.00 PM Booths displaying items of Nepali heritage, tradition and culture, including Nepal food for sale
02.00 PM Spectacular Cultural Program at the Park’s Amphitheater

For questions or information, please contact Nepal Festival Committee

Nepal Festival 2013

Honorary Consul General of Nepal Rishi Dhakal Becomes Platinum Sponsor for Nepal Festival-2013

An informal program coordinated by CK Parajuli (NASeA advisor and former NYAA president) to welcome the Honorary Consul General Rishi Dhakal in Atlanta, Georgia draw unprecedented support for Nepal Festival-2013 being held in Centennial Olympic Park in the heart of Atlanta on March 03.Honarary Consul Mr. Dhakal pledged to be the platinum sposor for Nepal festival and committed for one booth at the festival that will have different items representing tradition and culture of Nepal. Mr. Bimal Shrestha, president of Newa Organization of America South California Chapter, also pledged to be the platinum sponsor. At the occasion president of Nepalese Association of Georgia (NAG) also pledged the similar Platinum sponsorship. The program was hosted by Dilip Baniya, co-owner of newly opened Himalayan Spice restaurant in Clairmont, Georgia.

President of Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA), Sanjeeb Sapkota, thanked Consul Mr. Dhakal and thanked him and others for their generous support and handed him a travel mug as a souvenir of NASeA.



Nepal Festival Announcement

On Sunday, March 03, please come to Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia for an exciting and spectacular


Nepalfestival-2013 will showcase heritage, culture, value, tradition, sports, food, history, geography and much more of Nepal and people of Nepali origin at the world renowned Centennial Olympic Park in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, on March 03. 2013. The festival will begin with a parade around the park with people wearing diverse costumes and dresses representing different corners of Nepal and carrying items that depicts values and pride of Nepal, followed by different booths showing heritage, culture, tradition, food, values and pride of Nepal and ended with lively, vibrant cultural program at the park’s amphitheater.

Organized by
ExternalRelations Committee of Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)

in partnership with Nepali organizations in

Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, NorthCarolina,  and Tennessee

Venue:    Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta

(across the street from CNN Headquarters)

Date:   Sunday, March 03, 2013

Time:      10.00 AM to 04.00 PM
For information and questions, please contact
Sanjeeb Sapkota, Phone 678-557-8389,
Saunak Ranjitkar
Srijana Sharma
Bijendra Gurung
Mohan Timilsina
Bimal Nepal
Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)